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Industry Challenges

Hast du, was man dazu braucht, um in deiner Branche eine Führungsrolle zu übernehmen? Schließe dich im Movember einer der offiziellen Movember Branchen-Challenges an und miss dich mit anderen Spendensammlern in deinem Bereich und im ganzen Land. Sieh dir die Branchen-Challenges von 2016 an:

Technology Challenge

From micro chips to big data, the Mo Bros & Mo Sistas in tech know their stuff. Who is going to prove themselves at the cutting edge of the moustache though? On or offline, we need you to raise some serious funds & awareness.

Finance Challenge

You can bank on these guys to balance the books and invest wisely in the future of men's health. For companies that deal in all things financial, this one is for you.


Student Challenge

Co-ordinate your companions on campus. We want you to share everything moustache related going down at your university.

Healthcare Challenge

For those Mo’s who know that a lab coat and stethoscope are the perfect Mo accessories. The Healthcare Challenge is for any and all Mo’s working in the world of doctor’s offices, hospitals, or pharmaceuticals.