12 October 2023

How to get that first donation

2 minutes read time

Donations are much like growing a Mo. Sometimes they come thick and fast. Most of the time, they come slowly… One. At. A. Time.

To help you live your best Mo, here are some tips from our veteran Mo’s:

  • Family and friends first – they’ll be the most supportive. Especially if you have embarrassing photos of them.
  • Back yourself – make the first donation and challenge others to match it.
  • Facebook Fundraiser – Mo’s who set this up raise almost twice as much on average as those who didn’t. Create your Mo Space one first, then your Facebook Fundraiser. This way the donations can sync across both.
  • Share why you’re doing it – if you have a personal story or reason that you’re able to share, tell it. We’re all here to inspire conversations and change the face of men’s health.
  • Download the Movember app - Come the hairy season, the Movember app is your secret weapon. Your shortcut to quicker, easier, fun-packed fundraising - not to mention it allows you to update and communicate with your network effortlessly with a whole heap of shareable assets. Download on the app store on google play.
  • Dares for donations – would you dye your Mo when you reach £100, or run your last 5k in fancy dress? Let your donors know which dare you’ll take on for their donations, or be even braver and let them suggest their own.

Brave the Shave

There’s no better way to kick start your fundraising then to share the evidence of you shaving down on the 1st November.

Not only will you be ready to start Movember fresh faced and itching to get going, you can also use this as a chance to get the donations rolling in. Live stream, video or simply share your before and after pics and share far and wide to encourage friends and family to show their support.

Don't forget...

You don’t have to just choose to do one fundraiser. You can mix and match Grow, Move, Host & Mo Your Own Way. They all play nicely together. Can you walk and chew gum at the same time? Then you can Grow and Host, or Grow and Move, or Host and Mo Your Own way. ​ Doing a second or third fundraiser makes it easier to hit your target. And, dare we say, maybe even smash it. It means even more funding for breakthroughs in mental health and suicide prevention, prostate cancer and testicular cancer.