16 August 2020


What's your big idea? We're on a search for fresh and exciting digital ideas that address social isolation.
Mental Health | Where The Money Goes

Wild, weird, challenging, monumental, rocky, ‘what the hell?!’ – there are lots of ways to describe 2020. It’s been a big year for humanity. And for many, the effects of COVID-19 – physical distancing, social isolation, job loss, financial instability, and all-round uncertainty – have taken a toll on our mental health. And while the world’s not out of the woods yet, we know what we need to do to look after each other: the key is connection. Checking in on each other, staying connected, knowing the signs of someone who’s struggling and knowing how to reach out.

As we’ve navigated the year’s challenges, we’ve seen people all over the world adapt to new ways of communicating, innovative ways of staying connected, out-of-the-box takes on community connection – and it’s been pretty damn inspiring. It’s paved the way for Movember’s new Social Connections Challenge – a national search for fresh and exciting digital and technological ideas that address social isolation. An idea that responds to right now – an idea with legs that can carry it into the future, far beyond COVID-19 and the challenges of 2020. So, what’s your big idea?

Click here for all the exciting details and full Social Connections Challenge Criteria. 

Submit your idea here, entries close 15 October 2020, 5:00pm EST.


To be eligible for funding under the Challenge, idea generators must be based in one of five participating countries: Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, or the UK.​